• RULE #1 - No Double Teaming
  • When you accept an invitation to join Team NIR, you agree to be a member of Team NIR Only.
    You may not be a member of any other team nor race as a representative for any other team than Team NIR.
    Members are allowed to be active members of Jedi Team, an elite and respected group of extreme offroaders.
    ANY infraction of this rule will result in immediate termination of your position with Team NIR.
  • RULE #2 - No Foul Language
  • Any use of language that may be considered foul, disrespectful, demeaning,
    belittling, or sexually explicit in any area that may be viewed en masse will not be tolerated.
    This also includes talk of or about drugs, drug use, or drug references.

    As an official member of Team NIR, you are an official representative of the team in the eyes of the public.
    Use of foul language may result in immediate termination of your position with Team NIR.

    If you find that you are having difficulties or are at odds with another player,
    please use the following methods to resolve the issue in a mature and respectful manner:
    - Correspond with the particular individual(s) via the use of private messages.
    Host a room, lock the room, then invite the player(s) with which you wish to converse.
    Place the player(s) with which you are having difficulty on ignore.
    - If the player(s) you are having difficulty with are fellow Team NIR members,
    consult a Captain, Co-Captain, Co-Owner or Team Owner as soon as possible.
    Never instigate nor exacerbate an argument or disagreement in the main chat area or where it may be viewed by others.
  • RULE #3 - Use Of One(1) Nickname/Avatar
  • As an official member of Team NIR, you are required to use only one nickname/avatar throughout your membership.
    Team NIR is a large team and we value the individual identity of each of our members.
    This matter is complicated by the use of multiple nicknames or identities.

    You must choose one name by which you will be identified during game play and chat.
    You have until your trial period is over, to decide on a name, once added to the members-list, that's it.
    There will only be one exception to this rule which will be reserved for Team Owners, Co-Owners and Captains
    to assist them in conducting official team business.
    Any infractions with regard to this rule may result in immediate termination of your position with Team NIR.
  • RULE #4 - Have Fun
  • Being part of a team can be a fun and rewarding experience however, you must keep in mind that it is only what you make of it.
    What you put into the team by means of teamwork, effort, experience, respect, levity, etc., you will get back from the team.
    Team NIR realizes that with the numbers of other team members and players, it would be unrealistic to expect everyone to
    get along with each other at all times. Team NIR does expect however that you do try to have as much fun as possible,
    keeping in mind that this is a game, and that you maintain a respectful relationship with all other players regardless as
    to race, creed, color, origin, or attitude.
    Lead by example, if others see that you are having fun, they will want to be part of that fun too.

  • RULE #5 - 'Jacket' Removal & Breaks
  • Any NIR member who wishes to take a break from the team for any period of time, need to inform the management or
    make a post in our forum with details on how long the break will be and for what reason.
    If no member in the management has been notified or posted in the forum), your position within Team NIR may be terminated.

    For those NIR members who wishes to remove their jackets will have their position within Team NIR immediately terminated.


    *Note: The 'Jacket' refers to the 'NIR_' in front of a members name.


  • RULE #6 - Piracy
  • All NIR members are prohibited from chatting about Piracy. This also includes posting links, and chatting about it

    in the Forum and IRC. Members violating this are subject to losing their current rank and/or going on a

    probation status. Team NIR also does not condone the use of Piracy.



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